How to Earn money from selling your unwanted goods

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This is a method of making extra money which can benefit anyone who has unwanted goods lying are the house. It is important to remember that things that do not have any value to you will probably have value to someone else. You can harness the power of the internet to find the people who are willing to pay for your unwanted goods. There are many sites and platforms that allow you to buy and selling second hand goods. I am going to explain how the best ones work and explain to you which would be best for your second hand good.

  • Ebay: Ebay is a great site and is the biggest in terms of the number buyers for selling second hand goods. Ebay is great for getting one-off sales on your unwanted goods due to its easy sign up process and simple selling requirements. If you decide to sell your product through Ebay you will be able to access the biggest international market for unwanted goods. Despite this, due to Ebay being so easy for people to sell their unwanted goods you may have higher competition compared to other selling platforms, resulting in a lower retail price. Generally, Ebay is a great site if you don’t want to spend a lot of time selling your product but are prepared to accept a lower price.


  • Shpock: Shpock is a site which is similar to Ebay in that it specialises in selling second hand goods. The difference from Ebay is that Shpock is more of a locally based selling platform. It enables people to sell unwanted goods to people who are local to them, allowing sellers and customers to know where the other person is based. This gives an advantage in that people can meet to ensure the deal follows through as intended, such as ensuring the quality is up to standard, and payment is as promised. It can also eliminate the additional cost of postage between the seller and buyer. Despite this, Shpock has a smaller customer base compared to Ebay. Generally, Shpock is the site for you if you want to sell your unwanted goods quickly and avoid postage costs. However, if your product is very different you may be better selling it on Ebay to the bigger customer.


  • Gumtree: Gumtree is a site which is not dedicated to selling second hand goods but this is one of the main applications of it. For our purpose Gumtree is a mix between Ebay and Shpock in that it offers a large customer base and also does allow face-to-face buying and selling like Shpock. Generally, if your product does not do well on Ebay or Shpock I would recommend Gumtree as your next selling platform, it completely depends on what the product your selling is.


  • Facebook groups: Despite Facebook not being a dedicated selling platform it has the biggest user base. To leverage this massive user base you can request to join different groups. In these groups you will find people who all have the same interests or fashions. Generally, Although Facebook cannot guarantee payment like other selling platforms it is great for accessing a specific niche of people if your product is quite specific.


These 4 platforms are great for allowing you to sell your unwanted goods and it is now up to you to decide which platform is best for your product.

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