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PPI or “Payment Protection Insurance”, is what a provider will offer you cover designed to safe bet any loans or credit facilities. PPI is a very bad product which has been widely and wrongly sold to many people. In the article I am going to explain what the different forms of PPI are, different important aspects that you should know, and ultimately if you have a possible chance of reclaiming yourself.


Reclaiming PPI is free and it is very easy if you know the right steps to follow. Please take note that the reclaiming deadline has been set at 29th August, 2019, but I would recommend reclaiming as soon as you can to ensure that you beat the queues.


PPI relates to anyone who has ever had a loan, credit or store card, car finance, an overdraft, or a catalog account. If you have every had any of the previous I urge that you deficiently continue reading.


Need to knows about PPI:

  • When you purchase any of the list above, PPI is the insurance policy sold to (or pushed on you) by the bank.
  • If you are not sure if you have PPI or not, then you should find out who your lender was. If you are unsure of who the lender was you should check your credit files. If you do not have the paper work but know who your lender was then you should contact them to get for it.
  • If you want to make a PPI claim that was many years ago, this is okay as long as you still have the paperwork. There are no time restrictions on reclaiming PPI.
  • Even if you just have PPI, because of Plevin, it means that you were most likely mis-sold
  • If you PPI claim has been rejected but you believe you were mis-sold, try to reclaim again. It will be easier if your claim was within the last 6 months but is still possible if it was before
  • If your lender or broker has been taken over or went bust it is still possible to claim
  • If your late relative, or relative who lives abroad is due PPI, you can claim on their behalf


How to find out if you were actually mis-sold?


  • Were you told it was compulsory? If you were then you were mis sold. This is very common
  • Didn’t know that you had cover? If you were sold PPI without your approval or acknowledgement then you have been mis-sold
  • Were you advised on the wrong plan for you? Many people sign up to the wrong plans due to the banks ill advise, such as wanting a joint policy but getting a one person’s policy
  • Are you unemployed or retired? You may have been sold unemployment policy, included within your PPI, this policy is worthless and you can reclaim.
  • Medical history? Most policies exclude any medical history. If you were not asked about your medical history, you probably weren’t properly covered. You can reclaim.
  • Has your provided been fined by the regulator? If yes, then you have a good shot at reclaiming

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