The Way Of The Best Locksmith In Phoenix

Have you ever been locked out of your house by mistake? Have you ever locked your keys in your car? If your answer is yes, you would have called a locksmith to come to bail you out of that predicament.

However, what if we told you that you could learn the art of locksmithing and also earn money as a locksmith? Read on as we show you the various things one has to do to become a professional.

What Do They Do?

Just before we go into details on how to become a locksmith, we have to first understand what they do.

They help repair, replace, unlock, and install locks on not just your car and house locks but also safes, windows, and anything that typically has a lock. They also offer consultation services like telling you the types of locks that would be best for a certain type of door, car, or safe.

What Do They Earn?

The best locksmith in Phoenix earns about 60k a year and this value isn’t far off for those that want to practice in other states. It’s a very lucrative job and one that could be a side hustle because of how flexible it is.

How To Become a Locksmith?

  1. Start and finish a training program; once you possess a high school diploma or GED(it might not be essential in some states) you become eligible to enroll in a Locksmith Training Program. These programs are available at vocational centers that could be privately owned or owned by the government. There you would get proper training on things like lock-picking, lock Nomenclature, and a host of other things. It takes three months to finish the training program.
  2. Apprenticeship; like with many things in life you can only be an expert by watching other experts do it. It’s no different with locksmithing, applying for an internship would further help build your skill. It can also add to your résumé, making it easier for you to get employed in a locksmithing company.
  3. Get your license; After you are done with all your training and internships, it’s time to get your certification as a professional locksmith. To get your certification, you would have to write some tests and pass with a score that differs depending on the state you are trying to get your license.
  4. Work, work, work; After passing the test, you are now a certified locksmith and you would now be able to legally work and get a job at any locksmith company. You aren’t limited to working in locksmith companies as hardware stores, security companies and other related industries need locksmiths.


Becoming a professional locksmith is not that difficult and it’s fun. The feeling of relief that you get from satisfied customers helps a whole lot and picking locks can be cool. It pays very well and had very flexible hours, it’s something that won’t be a waste of time if you considered it.


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