A Step by Step Guide to Ordering Business Checks Online

Almost everything in our world today has become digital, including payment processing. However, there are still some good reasons to use paper Business Checks, and most businesses in the US agree. For one thing, it can make record keeping easier, both for you and for anyone working in that department in your business. It can also give you the ability to control when payments are made rather than having everything drafted. Whatever your reason for still using paper checks, you probably already know it’s usually much cheaper to order them from third-party vendors rather than directly from your bank. Here’s how it’s done.

What you Will Need

Before you order any business checks online, you will need to gather your banking information. Hopefully, you already have at least one check left from the last order issued by your bank. If so, you can get everything you need from that. The information you’ll be asked to provide is your account number, routing number, and some other banking information. The routing number is the first series of numbers at the bottom of your check. And your account number is the second set. If you don’t have a check, you can usually find the information online, as long as you are set up to access your account that way. Or you can call your bank directly to get everything you need.

Find a Quality Online Check Company

Sure, most places that print checks seem to be on the same level, but you’ll want to do a little research before choosing the best one. You also need to pay careful attention to the quality of printing and designs companies offer offer. As a business, you’ll probably want to stick with standard, simple, professional-looking checks. So, choose a company that is able to accommodate you.

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Choose your Check Design

Most companies offer personalized checks you can style with images or logos. Adding a logo to the address line of your check might be a good idea for your business, but it really depends on the type of image you wish to portray and how professional their checks look once images are added. It also depends on the quality of the image of your logo. In other words, your logo needs to be saved as a high-resolution image that can be printed crisply and cleanly on any media. But aside from personalization, you’ll want to decide on a simple check design that looks professional. Blue safety checks are usually the simplest, but you can also choose simple designs in other colors that better fit your business branding.

Choose your Check Style

The next decision to make is to determine what type of checks you want. These can include duplicate checks, three-to-a-page binder checks, or just simple perforated checkbooks. Some companies even offer checks you can put in your printer. For business, it’s a good idea to choose the binder checks, printer checks, or duplicates for the most effective record-keeping. Most businesses opt for the printer or binder checks. Binder checks are the best choice over duplicates if they will be kept in the office. This is because the information about each check written can be recorded clearly on the left and it is easy to see if a check is missing. This makes unfortunate incidents such as embezzling easier to catch. But printer checks are obviously going to give you the most professional look and they are usually best for payroll and business to business deals.

Place your Order

Ordering your business checks is a pretty straight forward process. Once you’ve entered your personal information, bank information, and chosen your checks, you’ll simply need to enter a method of payment. Most of the time, checks take two to three weeks to process, so be sure to order them in plenty of time before you run out of the ones you have on hand.



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