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    How to Make Stunning Eco Badges for Your Business

    Marketing has evolved over the past few years. Brands and businesses are developing more creative techniques to create awareness and promote their products. Custom-designed eco-badges can take your marketing game a notch higher.

    Designing and manufacturing custom badges for your business is cheap. You also get the chance to exploit your creative freedom during the design phase. Besides pushing your brand, eco badges also have a positive impact on the environment.

    Below we look at some crucial tips to consider when making eco badges for a cause or marketing campaign.

    Purpose of the Badge

    Having a well-detailed plan and goals is crucial before starting the design process. Is the badge for an upcoming event or marketing campaign? The guide will help you select the right colors and fonts to match the theme.

    During the design phase, you can borrow ideas from existing designs. The other option is hiring a professional designer to help bring your concept to life. The designer will guide you based on industry best practices while prioritizing user experience. Your badges should leave a lasting impression.

    Badge Size and Material

    Consider the size of the badge during the design phase. A big badge will look out of place and will not blend in, especially when it’s sticking out too much. Smaller badges can go under the radar, which will defeat their purpose.

    Pick a size that is comfortable to wear. In addition, choose a quality and sturdy material that can withstand regular washing. Most eco badges available at Rocket Badge are made from bio-degradable plastic, which is not only durable but better than some plant-based polymers.

    Design Principles

    Design is crucial when making custom-branded eco badges. As mentioned, the design should be relevant to the occasion or event. Choose a clean and simple look without too many details for easy visibility and readability.

    Use vibrant colors that match your brand’s identity. Go for natural and earthy shades that are relatable with suitability and protecting the environment. Also, choose a font that can be read easily that blends well with the background colors.

    Also, choose a durable printing option that will not fade quickly.

    Find a Badge Manufacturer

    For DIY lovers, making custom-branded eco badges can be a nice project. However, if you need a large number, it is best to work with a badge manufacturer. Research badge manufacturers in your area who focus on eco-friendly products.

    Ask for a quote before requesting their services. When asking for the quote, don’t forget to mention the number of pieces and delivery dates. Go with a manufacturer who offers the best contract.

    Read reviews from past clients. Also, look at some brands the manufacturer has worked with in their testimonial section. Some manufacturers have a team of in-house designers who will help fine-tune your original design before pushing it to production.

    Wrapping Up

    The tips shared in this guide will help you create perfect eco badges for your business. Consider involving your employees and customers during the design phase, especially if you are making badges with personalized messages.



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