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    Are Speed and Reliability Key to Choosing an eCommerce Hosting Solution?

    With hundreds of ecommerce websites being born every week and ecommerce giants such as Amazon making it hard for new businesses to make headway, the ecommerce playing field is extremely competitive. If you own an ecommerce business and you want to succeed in this competitive arena, you need all the advantage you can get. One particular aspect of your ecommerce website needs to be the very best if you want to stay competitive and that is the ecommerce hosting solution you are using.

    The hosting solution you are utilising will significantly impact your ability to be able to communicate with your customers and showcase your products and services effectively via your website. If your ecommerce website is in anyway unattractive or unappealing, be it due to slow loading speed, frequent downtime, or security issues, chances are very high that ecommerce customers will not even bother with your website regardless how nice your product offerings are.

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    So how do you then pick the very best ecommerce hosting solution for your website? Well, Speed and Reliability are very important. But they aren’t the only attributes you should be looking out for when trying to pick the best hosting solution for your business

    Site Speed

    Site speed is very important because the average online shopper doesn’t have the patience to wait on a slow loading website when there are multiple online businesses offering exactly what you are offering far more efficiently. If you want to make sure that your customers have a positive user experience that guarantees they will come back to use your services or refer your ecommerce website to their friends, you should opt for a hosting solution that guarantees optimal page loading speed.

    The speed of your website is also one of the factors that will be used by search engines to determine how highly your website should be ranked in search engine results. The higher you’re ranking, the more organic traffic you will get to your website and thus more customers to purchase your goods.


    The reliability of a web hosting solution covers issues such as security and uptime, both of which should be the very best in order to keep your customers safe and ensure they can access your services anytime they are ready to shop.

    Uptime refers to time which your website is available, accessible and operational. While no web host can guarantee a 100% uptime, you shouldn’t opt for a web host that offers anything less than 99.9 percent uptime. This is because your ecommerce website is a 24/7 venture that customers should be able to access on any day and at any time. Think of it this way, every second your website is offline is a potential customer and sale lost.

    Other Factors

    Other attributes that your hosting solution provider should be able to deliver on include scalability and affordability. Web hosting that offers scalability means it offers enough resources for your ecommerce website to expand and grow as time passes to meet the growing needs of your customers. As for affordability, well there’s no reason you shouldn’t get the best hosting service at the lowest price so as to minimise overhead and maximise profit.



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