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    Effective Digital Marketing Strategies to Amplify your Bible Study Class

    The digital shift is well underway. We have the facts to support our claim that this wave of transition, which has been accelerated by the events of 2020, represents a shift in how brands, online classes, and consumers view, use, and value social media.

    According to the findings of the Harris Poll conducted for Sprout Social,

    • 91% of executives expect their brand’s social media marketing spend to grow over the next three years, with the majority expecting it to increase by more than 50%.
    • 85% of CEOs claim that social data will serve as their company’s primary source of business insight.
    • After a great social media experience with a brand, 78% of consumers are more likely to use that brand, and 77% will prefer that brand over a competitor.

    Not persuaded? Read on for strategies demonstrating how important social media marketing is for Churches and Christian organizations, which they can also use to promote the Bible study classes online.

    1. Select an online meeting platform

    There are a variety of online platforms available. The following are ideal for promoting Bible study classes online:

    Make a Google hangout

    Google Hangout is accessible to everyone with a Google account. It is a free video-conferencing tool. The entire group will be visible on the screen, and the person speaking will instantly be made larger so that they are the focus of attention.


    Your virtual Bible study will be presented in a setting and interface similar to a virtual meeting. In contrast to Google Hangout, Zoom is user-friendly and compatible with various devices, not simply those with a Google Account.

    Streaming live

    Do you broadcast live sermons on Facebook and Instagram? If yes, you are also prepared to start live-streaming Bible lessons, allowing you to host them on your website and preserve all archives on your own, which are constantly accessible. Consider categorizing them by subject, such as “The Importance of Fathers.”

    2. Use social media targeted boosting to spread the word

    Nowadays, social media is accessible to everyone. Use social media channels to engage with churchgoers and advertise your Bible study courses nearby.

    It would be a plausible impression to use some interactive marketing tools to attract people’s attention when you’re trying to promote your Bible study class online. Create a beautiful poster outlining the key components of the Bible study class using the online poster maker PosterMyWall.

    Notably, Instagram is rapidly growing in popularity. Use the Instagram feed of your local church to promote your classes if it has one. You can generate compelling content and interact with your audience using a method of communication they are used to using easily customizable Instagram poster templates, which are freely available. It doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming.

    Another popular social media network is Facebook, a significant platform to start advertising your Bible study class. To offer your potential audience a taste of the course, you can also decide to schedule and conduct a series of webinars.

    3. Build engagement with Twitter polls

    With so many messages being shared on Twitter, it is simple to get lost. Twitter polls are one choice that appears to be quite prominent with the public. The poll can be as straightforward as asking everyone whether they agree with something or not, or you can get to know your audience better by asking them what they would like to see covered in the following study class.

    There’s no need to post anything too contentious or challenging. To create some anticipation, for example, Eventbrite asked their audience to help them determine the name of their program.

    4. Make promotional videos

    Brief videos of your Bible study session are a fantastic way to promote your classes. You can show your short promotional video at other church events, Sunday services, or on social media. The title of these videos must be very effective and strong; it can be created with poster-making online tools. What listeners should expect from the classes and the benefits of attending should be highlighted in your video.

    Make sure to start discussing this well before the beginning of your classes. You can play the film on a loop on any flatscreen TV you may have at the church, nearby businesses, or clinics, and put it on your church’s website or social media accounts.

    5. Email invitations to the community

    An email is a potent tool for engaging your audience. Larger churches typically use email software to communicate with their members via email. Put this to use! Utilize online free poster maker templates to create compelling emails that you can update and distribute in minutes.

    In a nutshell

    You’ll want to keep expanding your church’s capabilities now that you know how to publicize online Bible study classes.

    Tracking all of your promotional efforts is the only thing that matters. To determine which strategies are most effective, think about setting up a more complex social media marketing tracking platform, such as Google Analytics or Pixels. Because, in the end, you can only get better at what you can measure. And with social media, even minor adjustments may have a significant impact!



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