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    Is Cell Phone Insurance Worth it or Just a Top Trier?

    Alright so nowadays the most effective and basic thing which everyone has no matter if you are a teenager, bachelor, adult or a matured one cell phone is a dire need of everyone and plays an essential role in our daily life. That’s why cell phone stands can be useful to have.

    No matter wherever we go, wherever we are one thing which remains common is the essence of need of cell phones.

    Even today as the world is going and growing to be advanced every single day at this stage of advancement children are also going to be habitual and know how to use and choose their favorite games and app in cell phones.

    But this is not the end, to drag this topic more here in our today’s article I jot down the two aspects of cell phones which covers the pro and cons sides. In one side I try to cover up the topic in which I highlight the fact that is cell phone insurance worth it for those who are a fan to use the most expensive and latest phones, on the other hand, I highlight few aspects about the insurance that why in some cases it doesn’t worth that much as we assume.

    So without any wastage of time, let’s get the ball rolling and have a look at these trendy advancing technology pro and cons in a Trier to worth it or not.

    1. Is Cell Phone Insurance Worth it for a Usual Spoiler:

    First thing comes first like we all know that no one is perfect and same like this many of us are not a good caretaker and can easily spoil and break our things usually. So this is for those who are a spoiler but also have interest and keen to buy latest and expensive phones for them to get cell phone insurance is one of the finest and good idea. Like for example if you drop or your phone dread in pool or water, or accidentally you break your phone screen, or something power surge causes happen then for this insurance is the best policy which is convenient for you.

    Rest of this one thing which you have to keep in mind is that not every single company offers you the cell phones insurance there are few companies which offer you the insurance or return policies like in which iPhone, Samsung, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-mobiles are included.

    In which they offer you the insurance, alternatives, and replacements as well.
    But this is not the end there is also a con of thing which will get you nowhere and lead you towards the stage of bankrupt.

    2. Insurance and Replacing can be Expensive for you:

    This insurance and replacing can also lead you towards the stage of bankrupt why because their deductible charges and insurance claim start from the $49 and ends up to $175 and that is such a big sigh sign or red alarm situation for those who are careless and spoilers.

    Is this a mercy or a customer care?

    I don’t know in which category you can put this thing like in few cases your phone’s company won’t give you the full coverage although on the other hand, at some cases they offer you the full protection authority. And I think that is why they charged this high insurance amount in which they give you the

    • One year or some allow you the two years warranty
    • One year of hardware coverage
    • Multi-protection or handset protection
    • 90 days free support access

    In which you fully enjoy the benefits if your phone gets any accidental damage or any battery and earphones issue.

    3. Used Phone for Spoilers:

    Well, another point to save your money is that if you think that you can’t afford that much insurance fee and also a lover of brands then to buy a used phone is kind of good option for you to avail. This not just only helps to save your monthly insurance bill but also fulfill your brand buying side.

    4. An Agreement to Put Yourself in Cell Phone Insurance Worth it:

    Rest of this if you are putting yourself in so before going to sign an insurance agreement make yourself sure that they are giving you the access of benefits if they are charging a huge amount from your side.

    So in short, protect your phone and protect your money and think it twice before going to take any decision.



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