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    According to Lear Capital Reviews, Investors Appreciate This Aspect of the Company’s Services

    Los Angeles-based Lear Capital, in addition to offering precious metal coins and other items, provides numerous resources to help inform investors about the precious metals industry, says Kevin DeMeritt, who founded the company in 1997.

    News updates, recent price activity for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, and other information can be found on Lear Capital’s website. You can look up coins in a Precious Metals Portfolio Encyclopedia, learn answers to common individual retirement account questions, and view a video series on topics such as the 1933 executive order prohibiting private gold ownership.

    You can also take advantage of interactive tools that are available on Lear Capital’s site to create customized charts, for instance, that display the price activity for silver during a specific time period, or sign up to receive a notification when a precious metal reaches a certain price point.

    “We have a lot of resources there,” Kevin DeMeritt says. “All of it is absolutely free of charge.”

    Informative Assistance

    With market insights and data that can help you plan and grow your investment and multiple precious metal investment options to choose from, working with Lear Capital “can be a smart choice,” according to the ConsumerAffairs review platform.

    A number of Lear Capital customers have said they’ve appreciated the informative resources the company provides. In one of the Lear Capital reviews that was posted recently on the Trustpilot website, Russ R. described the information he received from the company about investing in precious metals as “clear and concise.”

    “The entire process was efficient and surprisingly easy,” Russ said. “All phone calls and emails were answered promptly.”

    David J., who recently purchased precious metals from Lear Capital, also wrote about the information and guidance he received.

    “The Lear team took the time to educate me, answer every question I asked (even the dumb ones), and made the acquisition experience seamless and simple,” David said on Trustpilot. “I have the utmost confidence that doing business with Lear is one of the best investment decisions I’ve ever made.”

    The Lear Capital account representative with whom Nancy J. spoke patiently listened to her questions, she said, and was able to comprehend her risk factor level.

    “He gave me good information and sent articles that helped me learn more about precious metal investing,” Nancy said in one of the Lear Capital reviews that are available on Trustpilot. “He was transparent in talking about the ups and downs of this type of investing. I never felt pressured.”

    If an investor decides to make a precious metals purchase, Lear Capital strives to keep them updated throughout the process, according to Kevin DeMeritt.

    “I think our customers appreciate the transparency,” he says. “We try to move as quickly as possible to get people the metals that they want.”

    Delivering an Easy and Enjoyable Experience

    Numerous Lear Capital reviews indicate investors value the overall customer service they receive from the company.

    “I contacted three competitors who sell gold and not one contacted me back,” William S.commented on Trustpilot. “I learned more about buying gold in one telephone conversation with Lear Capital than all the information sent to me by competitors.”

    The email newsletter and information Bob, an investor from Queen Creek, Arizona, received from Lear Capital has helped his family feel more confident about their retirement and saving plans, according to comments he shared on

    “Selecting Lear Capital became an easy choice after talking with my representative,” Bob said. “Todd explained everything in simple terms and without any pressure or hype. I placed an order with Lear the following week.”

    Lear Capital customer Laura M. praised the company’s “helpful and pleasant” customer service in a recent Trustpilot review.

    “They gave me all the information I needed to determine what I wanted to buy,” she said. “They also helped me with the transfer of my money to buy my purchase. If I need help with anything, I can call anytime.”

    In another of the Lear Capital reviews on Trustpilot, James L. said he was impressed with the account executive he worked with during his transaction.

    “I was very lucky to have connected with someone who wasn’t just selling a product, but I believed had my best interests in mind,” he said. “[He] was there to help.”

    The three people within Lear Capital to whom Edward G. spoke “were very friendly,” he said, and gave him all the necessary information to be able to roll over his 401(k).

    “When I needed help with the paperwork, they were right there to walk me through it,” Edward wrote in one of the Lear Capital reviews on Trustpilot. “All of them made me feel comfortable with the process. I now feel that my money is safe in coins.”

    Incorporating Precious Metals Into Your Plans

    Numerous investors have chosen to diversify their portfolio by including precious metal assets.

    “You can be in complete control of your metals and hold them physically within an IRA,” Kevin DeMeritt says. “If people get educated about precious metals, they’ll find it’s a great time to add at least some portion of their portfolio into this asset category.”

    Lear Capital regularly assists investors with the process that’s involved in establishing a self-directed precious metal IRA and transferring funds into the account.

    The company’s website also features some tools that may be able to help facilitate your retirement planning efforts ­— such as an inflation calculator that allows you to see how much costs rose during a given time frame.

    “People don’t spend enough time figuring out how to grow their retirement account,” Kevin DeMeritt says. “They put it away and get a monthly statement but [think], ‘Retirement is 20 years [from now].’ People should really take a look at their strategy every year — how you protect that retirement plan is more important today, as you get closer to retirement, than it was 10 or 20 years ago.”



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