3 Cool Office Supplies and Gadgets That’ll Change the Way You Work

Office work can be fun, but some aspects of office work can be repetitive and tedious. Luckily, some cool offices supplies and gadgets can spruce up your end product or even your day. Custom products, break room treats and DIY stress relievers can really brighten up those days when you feel like you’re stuck in a cubicle.

Custom Products

Custom products are a good way to brighten up your desk. When you own a small business, it’s always a good marketing decision to have custom products to give to clients or to display around the office. When you’re giving out quote or proposals, products such as custom folders are a great way to show off your logo that you worked so hard to create. Custom pens are a fan favorite because they are easy to carry around. And who doesn’t need an extra pen? Tax time is coming up soon, and if accounting is your game, then custom tax folders will ensure that clients will remember the name of your company every time they look through their paperwork.



Break room treats are the best part of all office workers’ day. Who doesn’t love to go into the break room to see a new flavor of coffee? By getting a subscription to a coffee company, employees can enjoy new flavors of coffee, trends or even a coffee roaster. If coffee isn’t popular in your office, then a muffin-of-the-month club or other baked goods might interest your colleagues. Another subscription service that may make employees happy is a snack box subscription that delivers new and trendy snacks each month. Not only will employees love the new snacks and drinks, they will be encouraged to socialize more by talking about the new products each month.

Stress Relief

Stress Relief

On days where you just need a break from what you’re doing for a few minutes to get your thoughts back on track, using a stress reliever can keep you grounded. Stress relievers like zen gardens are truly relaxing. Nothing takes your mind off work like sitting down and creating patterns in colored sand with a small rake in a zen garden. Zen gardens are easy to make and are not very costly. You can also decorate your zen garden with faux plants to decorate your office space.

Nothing can calm a person down as well as a good stress ball. By using a balloon and some sand, you can create a stress ball and decorate it as you please. Various websites can be used to get ideas to construct these gadgets.

Offices can become dull and dreary at times, but custom items are a great way to market your business while adding some flair to your office. Sometimes people get overwhelmed with everyday life, and just the smallest change can make their day. If you see that your employees are in need of a uplifting gift or a small gesture getting a subscription for snacks might be the pick me up that will brighten their days. Bring the calm back to your employees and encourage them to create stress relievers that will increase their productivity. These items are just three of the things that can be done to spruce up office life. Keeping things lively in the office is great for company morale.


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