Understanding Hourly Stock Trading

While many beginner stock traders assume that only the most veteran stock traders are able to make fast money off a volatile stock market, it is actually something that any independent stock investors can do.

It is easy to understand stock trading research and misconceptions like rising stocks always eventually becoming profitable stocks; what makes a good investor is being careful. Being the best investor in the world is about learning to trade stocks with your own money carefully rather than making rash, risky decisions.

Why Trade Stocks Hourly?

Trading with hour-by-hour stock price projections is not about independent stock investors sitting with projected watch lists, staring at the screen for hours at a time. If you want to become a good stock picker, then being able to choose stocks by the hour is only common sense.

Sometimes known as “gap trading” (although it blossomed off into a huge range of other strategies and non-stop trading ideas), hourly trading is not just about watching stock trading watchlists for intraday trading. Instead, it focuses on comparisons and profitable stock potential.

When you choose stocks by the hour, you are just looking at how a stock has changed value between two distinct points on the line. This is meant to simplify a huge part of the process because you are focusing entirely on the value of a stock during moment A and moment B.

Stock Trading

How Do These Watchlists Help?

One of the biggest anxieties in trading is that independent stock traders obsess over getting the best deal possible, getting so granular about making money in the stock market that they either focus on the literal minute-by-minute differences or stick to daily checks.
Neither of these is necessarily a sure way to make money in the stock market. The former can feel almost obsessive and make you miss other opportunities, while the latter can result in you completely overlooking a spike in value that only lasted a few hours of one day.

If you are learning how to become a better stock trader (or just become a good stock picker), then what are the best investors’ stock picks? Usually, there is not a definite answer, and that is because the value of the stock (even in very profitable companies) can change on a sub-hourly basis.

By using hourly watchlists and only checking them every hour or two, you are able to start making money in the stock market by simply focusing on the prices in those moments. While you might miss freak spikes or dips in value, you are checking often enough to catch serious shifts while not being tied to your stock prices and checking them every five minutes.

If you are looking for watchlists like this, then Most Excellent Investor is a great place to turn. You can choose from our hourly watchlists of winning stocks set to rise set to rise, enjoying a good level of information about your chosen stock without feeling like you are being pressured to dedicate all of your time towards monitoring the rise and fall of whatever you invested in.



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