B2B Marketing Tactics: How to Turn Visitors into Customers

B2B marketing is short for a business-to-business strategy implementation when a company sells products or services to other businesses. That means the seller must use different b2b channel sales methods so they can spread their message and attract the right clients. The ultimate goal is to turn the website visitors or social media followers into customers. But, things aren’t going that easy when you work with real people and companies in need.

The trickiest part is properly using the B2B channels and running a demand generation strategy that will educate and show purpose. The next phase is creating leads and nurturing them even after the completion of the sales process.

The most challenging part of the whole process is the fact that demand and lead generations turn into sales slowly compared to direct sales. So, it’s crucial to understand these perks and turn them into your advantages.

It gives you enough time to rethink the approach and effectively promote your business. You can think more about the landing page, email sequence, and all the automated processes that play an essential role in lead nurturing.

When all the strategies are implemented, it results in increased website traffic. So, the question is, how to turn those people into effective sales? Can all the visitors become your customers?

Let’s see what you can do once you gain traffic to increase the sales:

1. Pay Attention to the Website Structure

Visitors need to be visually satisfied with what they see when they come to your website. So, we suggest paying a lot of attention to the landing page or homepage. Use some neat design that is still attractive and complementary to the colors and typography. Next, make sure your content is straightforward and on point.

Don’t focus too much on who you are and why they need to choose you. Leave that for the “About Us” section. The landing page should tell the visitors their problems and why they need a solution (the same offered by you).

Try to be as client-oriented as possible because that’s the right way to convert the prospects into leads, who will later become customers.

2. Add an Effective CTA

CTA is a call-to-action message that invites the visitor to take action. You can place a direct button on the first screen that appears when they land on the page.

There are a few tips on how to incorporate effective CTAs, but you need to make them attractive and offer value when doing that.

Make sure it’s bold enough, but don’t overdo it because you don’t need it to take up all the space you have. Make it a clickable button, or add an option to navigate through it.

The best thing about the CTAs is that you can put them in a few places on the website and even use different messages for that. Depending on the content length, you can put it in the above-fold part, the middle, or the bottom. Sometimes you can combine it with sidebar options.

You can also include CTAs in your social media posts, email sequences, or landing pages.

3. Add Social Proof or Testimonials

Customers love when you have satisfied clients and success stories behind you. If you add a testimonials section to your homepage or landing page, they are more likely to trust your product and decide to buy it.

Another effective way is to add logos of your current and previous clients. But, the trick is not to put it on the top of the page. Keep it as a bonus feature when you are sure the visitors are in the final stages of their decision.

Social proof is important, but ensure your clients permit you to use their logo or photos for the testimonials.

4. Take the FOMO Game to the Next Level

When the “fear of missing out” approach is properly implemented, we are sure the customers will literally hurry up to find and buy your product.

You must make your page visitors believe that it would never be this good again if they don’t grab this offer. But be careful how you use the words, and make the message as natural as possible.

Sometimes, they decide not to use your service because your FOMO messages seem too pushing and overwhelming.

5. Use Tools to Track Users’ Behavior

You have Google Analytics as the simplest tool to monitor the whole process and measure the bounce rate, conversions, sales, and page visits in general.

This way, you are getting a realistic image of what they do and how they behave while on your page. Later, you can use that information to improve the overall user experience and provide the services they need.

Implementing the B2B sales strategy can be exhausting and challenging because you need to make changes immediately and replace the things that don’t really work. The idea about the perfect strategy and the one that actually works can be completely different, and the tracking tools can help you see what works and what should be changed.

6. Make the Exit Message Work for You

The exit message or exit overlay can be annoying, but sometimes it makes the whole process worth it. Many visitors will go to the bottom of your page without being intrigued by what they see.

So, you have two options: Create an exceptional exit block on your landing page or use a pop-up exit overlay with a contact form and/or CTA.

Sometimes you need to be intrusive or even too pushing, but the exit part can be your most efficient way to convince the customers to choose you.

At this point, you can offer something for free, like a tutorial, trial period, or free consultation, and wait to see if that approach converts some fraction of the traffic.


When you figure out how the B2B channels work, you can easily implement your strategy and convert the website traffic into sales. But you must be aware that things won’t turn in your favor overnight. You need to test and experiment with different approaches and tactics and see what brings you visitors who are willing to buy from you.

After a few months, you will have a completely re-tailored strategy based on experience and effective tactics. And that’s completely normal and expected to do, so all the B2B channels can do their part of the job.


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