7 Best Cities For Young Entrepreneurs to Live in 2020

You’re young and motivated. You’ve had the entrepreneurial bug ever since you can remember. The thought of working your tail off to make someone else rich completely demotivates you.

You want to work hard and reap the benefits yourself.

If this sounds like you, it’s time to look at the best cities to move to that will give you a leg up on your entrepreneurial dreams.

Here are the best seven cities in America to move to as an aspiring entrepreneur.

1. Oklahoma City, OK

You read that right. Not NYC. OKC.

Here, you’ll find a city with a median age of only 34 years old. In fact, 67% of the entire population is under the age of 44.

Oklahoma City has 1,842 young entrepreneurs living in the city, which makes up 13% of the entire population. The city has worked hard to bring in as many millennial entrepreneurs as possible.

You should be one of them. You’ll feel right at home.

2. Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City is well-known for having a huge tech industry. As such, it’s a magnet for young entrepreneurs.

There are currently 1,973 millennial entrepreneurs calling Salt Lake City home, which is 17% of the city’s population. This will give you countless networking and idea-sharing opportunities to help drive your career forward.

You won’t go wrong by advancing your entrepreneurial career forward in Salt Lake City.

3. Denver, CO

The number of millennials migrating to Denver is well-documented. Today, almost 4,000 young entrepreneurs live in the city of Denver. They make up about 12% of the city’s entire population.

Millennials love living in Denver due to the active lifestyle the city brings. There’s always a lot to do on off times. Follow your non-work passions like hiking and skiing. Then enjoy the largest number of microbreweries you can find outside of Portland, OR.

4. Portland, OR

Speaking of Portland, it comes in as the number 4 best city for young entrepreneurs.

Currently, there are nearly 2,800 young entrepreneurs living in Portland, making up around 11% of the population.

Portland is known for celebrating the “weird” in its culture.

If you’re more of the series type, you can explore the Oregon Zoo which protects dozens of endangered species. You can also head to the Portland Japanese Garden or the Oregon Museum of Science and History.

5. Miami, FL

The number five best city for young entrepreneurs to live is in Miami, FL. In fact, overall Miami ranks at the top of the list for the rate of brand new entrepreneurs in a city, with over 560 for every 100,000 adults starting their own businesses each and every month.

Miami’s pollution levels and overall infrastructure are some of the absolute best in the country as well. Beyond that, it’s near the top of the list for venture capital money, with a total of $1.3 billion in investments in 2018.

With that said, if you’re already in Miami, but want to try out another great entrepreneurial city, contact Suddath Miami long distance moving company.

6. Minneapolis, MN

Trailing only Detroit and Chicago as the largest overall Midwest economic centers, Minneapolis has nearly 4,000 young entrepreneurs, making up about 11% of the overall population.

It’s also home to Fortune 500 companies and US Bancorp, Target and Ameriprise Financial.

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7. San Jose, CA

Deep in the heart of Silicon Valley, San Jose is known for successful tech entrepreneurs. Many of them are young entrepreneurs. In fact, nearly 2,200 work in the San Jose metro area, which makes up 11% of San Jose’s population.

San Jose is a global city, and is designated as a US Foreign Trade Zone.

Choose the Best City For Your Dreams

There’s never been a better time to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams. Choose the best city for you, then get the ball rolling!

The Top 3 Best Paid Jobs Worldwide

You can get some great ideas on how to grow your money at yourmoneysite.com, butnot everyone is money-orientated. Some people are perfectly content with having the basics in life, but if having a life of luxury is one of your ultimate goals it’s time to start researching the highest paying jobs. Your job is likely to be your main source of income and therefore dictates the kind of life you’re going to be able to lead. Here, we run through the top three highest paying jobs worldwide to see if they appeal to you.

Sales Manager

Sales Managers are one of the most important assets to any business; they are responsible for the growth of the company as a result of how many sales their team achieves. They need to be an expert in successful sales techniques and need to be able to manage a team of salespeople. As a manager you need to be able to get the most out of your team by helping them to develop excellent sales technique, you must also be able to build sales strategies and implement them with strong results. The company’s short- and long-term success rests heavily on your shoulders so you need to have confidence in your own ability as well as the ability to handle pressure and responsibility.

Financial Advisor

Financial advisors are hired by those who wish to make the most of their money. Due to their ability to help you grow your money they will always be in demand and will always be worth the expense. Financial advisors have a very specialized skill set; therefore,they have in-depth knowledge of the financial world. They advise their clients on how to invest, how to stay out of debt, how to save and which services to take advantage of or avoid.

Business Operations Manager

A business operation manager is responsible for the smooth running of the business as a whole, including building a happy workforce and making sure the production of the goods or services that the business offers is meeting demand. You would also need to be in control of the customer service aspect of the business. To be successful in this role you need an analytical mind which can pinpoint issues and think of solutions, so being good with numbers and statistics is essential. You need good people skills to be able to handle the HR challenges and you need to be able to speak to people at different levels in order to handle negotiations with clients.

Roles which are heavily associated with making money for individuals and companies are those which in turn help you to earn the most too. Managing sales, operations or finances is the way to go if you’re looking for a job that pays well. If you’re looking for a better paying job that is going to support your new long-term plans, then the options listed here could be worth looking into. However, if you just need help gathering the funds for a short-term one-off expense, there are loan companies all over the world which could help you for example, GoBear Malaysia. Choosing a loan company can often seem like quite a daunting task. However, if you are trying to figure out what loan company to use then it’s fairly easy. Just spend some time looking at the pros and cons of companies to see which one is best for you and how it might benefit you. Don’t rush this decision, take your time.

Important Things to Remember When Managing a Team


Managers play a central role in the growth and development of the team they manage, as well as the individual members of their team. They are responsible for many things, like facilitating the team, building the work culture, bringing out each member’s potential and nurturing their talent, and making objective, fair decisions.

When managers are unable to meet their responsibilities, it’s not just the team that suffers; the whole organization feels the burden. The best employees slowly disengage until they decide to quit. The employees who stay will perform the minimum standard at best; at worst, they will actively sabotage their work.

It is the leader’s duty to manage their team well and increase employee engagement to boost productivity and retain talented employees. To do this, a manager must keep in mind several things.

Set Clear, Challenging Goals

The team needs specific, clear goals in the same way a builder needs a blueprint to form a house. Without goals, each member won’t know what tasks they need to perform and what they are trying to achieve with their efforts.

Managers need to be transparent and meticulous in creating and communicating the organization’s goals. Not just that, they also have to relate this on a team and employee level. For example, the company’s goal is to be the number one brand in the industry. How can ordinary employees to contribute to this?

It is the leader’s responsibility to come up with team goals that stem from the organization’s greater goal. These team goals must be specific, measurable, realistic, and time-bound. Most of all, they must be challenging to lead to greater performance, according to Edwin Locke’s goal-setting theory. The higher the goals, the more rewarding it is to complete them.

Setting clear and challenging goals improves employee performance and allows better and more specific feedback that can boost employee motivation and good behavior.

Create a Healthy and Open Work Environment

The employees’ willingness to attain the organization’s goals determines their job motivation. But what sustains it depends on several factors. One of the most important factors is the work environment.

To create this environment, managers must encourage open communication and cooperation between employees. They must listen to the team and give value to the each member’s contribution. Most of all, they have to be authentic and transparent. They should not be afraid to put their trust in their employees and ask for help when they need it.

A healthy and open work environment empowers employees to generate more ideas and confidently share them with the rest of the team. It also creates a culture of teamwork, where each member is working not just for individual gain, but also for the benefit of the whole team. In an environment like this, even disagreements can be had respectfully and constructively.

Managers are also responsible for creating a safe and healthy work environment. They must be proactive in making sure that the organization complies to safety standards set by the law, such as ensuring employees pass workplace drug tests, maintaining cleanliness in the office, and preparing for emergency situations.

Provide Valuable Trainings and Opportunities

It’s part of the manager’s duty to ensure that each and every member of the team is equipped with right knowledge and skill to perform their job well. As the organization grows, every team and employee is expected to develop with it.

Greater goals will demand higher skill levels and expertise. Rather than looking for new talents, managers should nurture the ones who are under them. Providing trainings and opportunities will bring out employee potential and increase proficiency. Employees will not remain stagnant.

In a classroom, developmentally advanced students need to be constantly challenged and engaged to keep them interested. The same goes for your most talented employees.

Most of them aren’t really in it for the money; they can find that at other companies. What they want is constant growth and development, as well as appreciation and recognition for their exceptional performance. You can keep your best employees if you can secure those without faltering.

Retaining top talent is a continuous, laborious job for managers, but the returns are more than worth it. “Employees with all three—good fit, high engagement and 10+ years at an organization—dominate performance. They perform 18 percent higher than the average employee and 35 percent higher than a worker who lacks all three elements,” says a Gallup survey on why the talented employees leave.

Recognize Effort, Reward Achievement

Abraham Maslow, one of the most influential psychologists of all time, proposed a hierarchy of needs to explain the human motivation. At the second tier of the pyramid are the esteem needs—recognition, status, importance, and respect from others. Maslow posits that all humans have a need to feel respected, accepted, and valued by others, which leads them to engage in activities, like a job or a hobby, to gain recognition.

Most employees don’t enter and stay in a company for the salary alone. If it were only that, people will not make such a big deal about entering a reputable company with a good work environment.

Employees want to be appreciated and valued for their work. When they are respected and accepted by their leaders and coworkers, they take pride in their work and are more motivated to do well.

One mistake that many managers commit is failing to recognize employees who have worked hard and only rewarding those who have exceptional achievements. While employees have different needs that motivate them, being appreciated for working hard is a universal need. Managers can reward exceptional performance, but they shouldn’t forget those who do the daily grind.

Build Your Dream Team

As a manager, you should take the lead and be what you want your employees to be. Instead of competing with your employees, you must work to make them better and put your trust in them. The leaders are the links between the organization and the employees.

Rarely do employees build direct relationships with the organization. They build their loyalty and commitment through their leader. If their manager doesn’t do their job, then employees will leave and look for a good organization with responsible managers.

How to Become a Millionaire by 30

Poverty is a punishment for the crime you never committed. Being poor sucks, even the middle-class category where you have to think twice before taking any money-involving step. Be it buying or investing in the smallest of things, when a person cannot afford to go bankrupt then hesitance become a hurdle in financially progressing well in life. Here is presenting to you 5 simple ways to become a millionaire by the age 30 because life does not wait for the person to grow, you either wait for a miracle to happen or row the boat yourself to make waves.

How to Become a Millionaire

Think Big

When the focus is a small target then the destination also becomes an ordinary one. To make more money with limited resources and time, it is necessary to start and think big so that the objective delivers an extraordinary outcome. The key to thinking of higher achievements is to pick up an inspirational personality to get improving influenced.

Don’t Show Off

When people start showing off after only a little hike in their income, the reactions act as a root of the downfall. Instead of showing off, the focus should be on growing and developing more ideas on how to turn this asset into a beneficial reward. Instantly spending the money without thinking of the future plans ultimately result in destruction.

Avoid Non-Profitable Loans

Debt acts the snake venom that sucks all the money from the accounts leaving the person financially dead. Taking loans that are ineffective in the long run should be skipped if the intention is that of a millionaire. If needed, loans should be the ones that can be paid in lesser time to get rid of the outgoing of the money.

Earn to Save and Invest

Logically speaking, what is the use of the saved money when you are unable to provide yourself with all the luxuries that you’ve been desiring for? This idea is for those people who believe in saving all their life and getting nothing in return. Money should be saved but to an extent. To become a millionaire, one should earn and save the money to keep it rolling.

Frame the Priorities

Setting the target before starting off with the millionaire journey is a mandatory step to take. When you have the priorities set, it becomes easier to achieve the goal. Also, never restrict the aim to a limited target. When the destination has a limitation in terms of earnings, then the stored money soon starts to disperse resulting in a loss.

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Chances Don’t Wait

Life is too short to be working for someone else’s dream. When the intention is to cross all the boundaries of success, then working in a restricted environment is useless. Opportunities can either be created or waited for. Build your own dreams and follow them without any hindrance to reach the ambition.

When you go through the renowned millionaire’s inspirational stories, you’d conclude that these 6 simple steps are foolproof and never fail to impress. So, follow them and turn your dream into a reality.