Why Businesses Should Consider Managed Print Solutions

Managed print solutions are ideal for businesses who want to improve their office efficiency. Furthermore, Managed print services can help to increase productivity, reduce the running costs of an office and help to reduce paper waste. But what exactly are managed print solutions and how do they work?

Managed print solutions provide control over your printing within an office. Whether your focus is on efficiency, costs, or improving document security, this service allows you to tailor a printing system around your business needs.

Intelligent computer software is used to track all of your printing activities. This data is then used to look for patterns in printing behaviour, which allows you to monitor and control how your employees are using them. You can also use this information to create rules for printing, authenticate users and improve workflow.

What are the benefits of Managed Print Solutions?

Reduced costs:

Incorporating a print management system into your business can help to reduce your printing and photocopying costs by up to a third. Plus this intelligent system can also notify you when it is time to order new ink and paper.

Increased productivity:

Notifications can be set up to alert a user if a printer is predominantly busy and re-route the print job to another device. This not only speeds up the process, but it also decreases the number of employees waiting around one printer for their documents.

Improved monitoring:

Monitoring your print activity using reports will help you to improve your print consumption. It will also help you to learn which departments are printing most frequently, allowing you to talk to your staff about being more mindful when printing. With managed print solutions you will have real time tracking and regular updates can be sent directly to your email.

 Enhanced security:

If your employees need to print sensitive material, or if you have an issue with unclaimed documents, managed print solutions can help. You can set up secure printing, which will allow users to release print jobs using specific authentication settings.

This means that a print job is only released when the user confirms it via a card or security code at the printer. This avoids any sensitive data being left on the printer for others to see. This setting also prevents documents from being printed and then forgotten.

Reduced waste:

Being less wasteful in the office will help your company to become more environmentally friendly. This is not only fantastic for the planet, but it also helps your brand to gain a positive reputation.

Using print management solutions you can educate your team about the environmental impact of printing and create an eco-friendly culture within your organisation. This can be achieved through pop-ups on the printer display screen, efficiency tips like double sided-printing or you can add certain printing restrictions to stop paper waste.

So as you can see there are many advantages to managed print solutions. If you would like to find out how they can help your company, don’t be afraid to contact a digital printing professional.


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